Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm a proud momma

The boys had their second game of the season last night. Wowzers... very fun! JV won against the Coachella Valley Arabs 33-0. Then the Varsity came out and won 28-7. It wasn't an easy game. Our guys had to really fight for it. I'm so proud of our Trojans! I was talking to Jordan this morning and he said they have played the easy teams, now they are gonna play against the hard teams. {like we get to play 29 for the Battle of the Bell in November, and right now, 29 also won their first 2 games... that is just my commentary, not Jor's opinion ;)}
So, here are a few pics from the game, they are both #72:
JV - Dalin is the center and a Defensive lineman, so he is in the game the whole time.

Varsity - Jordan is an Offensive Lineman and was one of the captains this game.

And there was some other fun at the game too. Harry and his football pal Mackenzie were hanging out again. Her brother is #6, Cody Blankenship.

& Dalin with Coach Phillips doing the shirt launch.

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