Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I love Wednesdays! They are my favorite day of the week! I get to work with Angie, I have only 2 classes and it is like a Friday all day, only it is just Wednesday!
At lunch our PE coach, Megan mentioned that she was by herself that afternoon because Tracy had to leave early. Tracy's daughter needed to "get a crown fixed." (that could have tipped me off, but it meant nothing to me at the time)
Since I am so awesome, I volunteered to help Megan out. She didn't need help until the 1st graders came out at 2:10. Cool. That is Harry's class.
So, I was gonna help her do PE until the end of the day and she was happy to have the help.
And then I remembered that I had to take Jordie to the dentist. (remember that crown from Tracy???) So, I had to take back my offer. I was able to help out for 2o minutes. I wasn't much help. I left at 2:30 to get Jor. He was in the weight room working out, and we got to the dentist with 8 minutes to spare.
I told Jill that Jor is getting his braces on next week, and he went in for his checkup and cleaning. 40 minutes later Jill lets me know that there may be some complications. Now let me just say that I was pretty proud of myself for coordinating the cleaning the week before the braces. (good thing I didn't wait till the day before) Jordie has 5 cavities. 5. How can he have 5??? He brushes all the time. Yikes.
He will get them fixed tomorrow and then hopefully it will be full speed ahead for the braces.

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